Getting started : The best service to Push Notifications on the web free unlimited

Hey guys, here’s a new tutorial to set start a web push notifications service on your website.
Do you have a site, and want to increase your daily visitors ?
If yes on one question you are in the right place.
PushToGet provides you a platform for Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browser. It facilitate Push notifications for your users on Desktop and Mobile.
Going Live with the platform is a not hard, You can start your own website push notifications in just 3 Step.

What is pushtoget and how it works?

1- This site for push notifications to your visitors simply you will convert your visitor to member by using one click.
2 – It Facilitate to reach returning users on your website. Increase repeat users to your site using browser push notifications. These are delivered to user real-time, in the browser.
3-Target notifications based on preferences, categories, or custom segments, and get higher click rates and higher conversion.
Good-bye for retargting using ads and pay lots of money.

Why pushtoget?

1- Simply its free.

2- its the best service for push notifications and target your users using title, country, city and url.

How does the notification appear on desktop devices?

phfzwflAnd this how does users subscribe…
On desktop & mobile too
How to register your site at PushToGet :

Register for PushToGet @ :

just complete the form :

After registering :
This the dashboard :

pushtoget dashboard

pushtoget dashboard

PushToGet core js code

PushToGet core js code

Copy the code and place below </head> section.

Notifcation Control  —> Send Notification

Send Notification

Send Notification

if you need any help please comment.