Learn How To Earn Significant Income Online With A Simple WordPress Blog (introduction)

After five years of learning online marketing and teaching newbies to start their online businesses, I’ve developed a habit of delivering information efficiently, without fluff. On paper, that sounds great. But in reality, it can read kind of dry, and it doesn’t really get your blood pumping with excitement.

I will admit, that when it comes to the finesse of motivation, I am not very talented. So expect what you read in the following pages to be very practical, straightforward advice and instructions on how to start your business.

However, I wanted to take a few short paragraphs to really explain to you the incredible potential of making money online.


Most of us work a “normal” job. We get up in the morning, go to work, come home at the end of
the day, and collect a paycheck at the end of the week or month. We get paid by the hour, and if we work the same job for a decade, we might see our financial situation improve only slightly over time.

The world of owning an online business is something completely different, and very unique opportunity.

While a typical brick and mortar business will cost you a few hundred thousand dollars to start up,
and require the knowhow of hiring staff, dealing with permits, and whatever else goes along with that, starting an online business requires none of that.
You can start your business on an $11 domain name and run it 100% by yourself in your free time. If you start coffee shop and don’t open up shop one day, you make $0. If you don’t log into your
website one day, it still makes the same amount of money as yesterday. Since you’re not paying rent,
and not paying staff, your expenses are going to be extremely low. $100 earned is $100 in your pocket.

With regards to income, growth can be exponential in a short period of time.

I made $4000 in my first year of starting an online business. No, that’s not a full time income, and not enough to support anybody for a full year, let alone an entire family. But break that down month
by month, and you may see $200 earned in June, $500 earned in July, $1000 earned in August, and so on. That kind of income growth in the offline business world is unheard of. Even if you
do experience massive growth offline, you have to expand to new facilities, hire more staff, or pay people to work longer.

Even if your website quadruples income over a year, it’s basically still a single unit that you can manage yourself.
So what we have is a type of business that is low cost, easy to manage, and has massive income

There are many methods of earning money online, and in this book you are going to learn the one that has produced incredible results for me. Getting profitable won’t be a cakewalk, but being successful online is possible for anyone.

I hope you enjoy learning how to start your first online business!

For The Complete Newbie, Motivated Learner
If you have never attempted to build a website before, and don’t have any idea how someone could actually make money online, then this book is going to open your eyes some amazing possibilities.
I’ve written it with newbies in mind, and will try to explain everything in detail, along with analogies and even some links to videos to SHOW you how to do some of the things I talk about.

However, keep this in mind: there are limitations to what I can do in an ebook. I can’t reach out through these pages and move your hands for you or fix the problems you’ll run into. The path
to making money is long and winding, and you will probably need to reach out to other resources
to fill in some of the blanks along the way. Still, I’ll do my best to give you everything you need right here in these pages.

For The Jaded Marketer Still Not Earning
There are many marketers out there that have been following gurus and false prophets for YEARS and still haven’t found a way to “go full time”. For you guys, it’s time to simplify. Get rid of that SEO software and backlink generating plugin. Unsubscribe from the serial Clickbank promoter and WSO hype-man.

True, you can earn money in 100 different ways online. Chances are, you’ve tried a few and failed. I won’t speculate on your reason for failure, but this book is about getting back to the basics.

Learn how ONE guy earns money online through WordPress blogs, without any fancy cheats
or loopholes. You will be surprised at how little I do in terms of SEO, and how I try to play within Google’s rules, rather than break them with sneaky tricks. If you un-learn some of the SEO voodoo and start trying to help people, you’ll be on your way to starting a strong foundation to your
online business.

Some of you will scoff at these methods and say that the system is rigged. “Yeah yeah, I’ve already tried that and didn’t make anything!” Please read with an open mind and understand that these methods can work if you make them work. I think by cutting the fat, and following a philosophy
of less-is-more, you can get your business moving in the right direction.