best SEO keywords tools online 2017

When comes to keyword tools, let me first say that I have my preferences and I will base the training in this book based on that. Before we get started, let’s take a look at some popular keyword tools
so you know what’s out there.
Market Samurai
This one was the “go to” tool a few years ago, but after some Google changes, I found it less effective. I used it for about 6 months in 2011 or 2012. It does give a lot of data, but that data can be complicated to read. I also found it very slow, and had lots of annoying updates every time you used it. It’s a software based meaning you download it to your computer.

Personally, I don’t recommend Market Samurai but I know it’s still available and some people do use it.

Longtail Pro
This is the tool that most people in the “niche site” community use. The creator of this tool is very involved in the niche site building community so it gets a lot of exposure there. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income (a famous website and podcast) also uses this, so they have plenty of case studies, tutorials, and bloggers that also promote this tool.

It’s a good one. I don’t have extensive experience with it, but it does provide some useful insight into competition power, and uses a lot of data from Moz, a reliable site for SEO analysis.

I personally found it slow at times, and didn’t really care about all the data it was giving me. Also, it was using Google’s search numbers which aren’t really accurate as far as I understand.

This is the tool I use. It gives me the basic metrics I’m looking for, namely more accurate traffic estimations, and it uses QSR (I’ll explain that in just a moment) for competition ratings. It’s easy
to use, it’s web based, and is easy to export my data into a simple spreadsheet that I can edit, use for
Adwords, or send via email.
Traffic Travis
This is another tool that I have heard about, but not one that I’ve personally used or heard much about. I’m not very familiar with how it works or what data it shows.
Google Keyword Planner
This is a free tool that lots of people use. I do not use it, so cannot provide much insight into how
it works, but at the very least it’ll help you think of some keyword ideas and give you a general idea of high vs low competition and traffic.